Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Okay, you guys ready? Let's kick off the BBF with an interview/giveaway with horror writer, Thomas Winship. 

Here's the preview: 50 Shades chainsaw reenactments, Flowbee murder, Pennywise, and naked women. Enjoy.

"Hi, Thomas!"


"Down to it."  

1. What’s your favorite scary movie? 

Friday the 13th. The original, of course. Scariest mother ever.

2. Do you own a chainsaw? Do you know how to use it? 

I don’t. I would love to become proficient in chainsawery (what an awesome word!), though – for an untold number of uses, including chainsaw carvings, spicing up 50 Shades reenactments, or even self-defense during a zombie apocalypse.

3. If you had to kill someone, how would you do it, and where would you bury the body? 

Your thinly veiled attempts to delve into my darkest secrets simply won’t work. Still, I will offer one word: Flowbee.

4. If you could meet one fictional horror character (from a book or movie), who would it be and why? What would you ask them? 

Pennywise. I have a death wish. Something witty about a) the turtle, b) turtle wax, or c) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Patrick Hockstetter could’ve used their help, for sure!).

5. You’re driving through a forest at night. A woman leaps out through the trees and frantically waves her arms for you to stop the car. She’s covered in blood. Do you stop? 

Only if I’m about to hit her. No one should ever fall for the old “naked woman covered in blood” trick. 

What’s that? You never said she was naked?

Not stopping. Period.

(Of course, at this point I feel compelled to insist that the answer is a joke. A tasteless one, no doubt, but a joke nevertheless.)

6. What are you most scared of? And you lose a limb if you say clowns, spiders, or heights.

I am most scared of looking deep inside and honestly admitting what scares me. Living in denial is what makes me tick. 

7. I had a British woman say to me once that she thinks it best to stay away from horror writers because there must be something wrong with them. Weigh in.

I agree.

8. Favorite death in a horror movie?

Friday the 13th, Part III. Andy is walking on his hands. Jason splits him down the middle with a machete. Oh my lord.

9. Have you ever hitchhiked? If yes, who picked you up?

Yes, once. I was sixteen. I was picked up by an older man (40-50 or so, but who can tell when they’re 16, right?) who didn’t look anything like grandpa in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

10. What’s your latest release? Describe it in one word, and give us that Amazon link already! 

Vaempires: Zombie Rising. Bloody.

Buy it on Amazon:

Thank you, Thomas, for stopping by! Everyone (yes, you), don't forget to enter below to win the entire Vaempires series!

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  1. LOL! Who knew there were uses for chainsaws beyond juggling?

    1. Imagine strapping one across your back and taking a motorcycle trip across the country. Oh, the places we'll go ....

  2. Thanks for a great interview, Beck.