Thursday, July 5, 2012


Buckets-O-Blood movies, that's what I will call them. But these movies are bad. I mean, bad. I'm okay with gore, of course, but this is gore and violence in excess, and torture. They make Saw and Hostel look like Disney movies. And all but one are French. Go figure. The French are pissed. And they have sharp objects that they'll stick absolutely anywhere. DISCLAIMER: THESE ARE NOT MOVIE RECOMMENDATIONS. Just so we're clear.

1. High Tension (2003) - Two girls escape to family home in the country and must escape a crazed killer. A "that's a first" oral sex scene and an ending that has you thinking you missed a step.

2. Inside (2007) - A pregnant woman gets an unexpected and quite unwanted visitor. Wear a slicker for this one.

3. Martyrs (2008) - Two women seeking revenge against former tormenters get more than they bargained for. All I have to say is Really? I mean, Really?

4. Frontier(s) (2007) - After a heist, thieves flee Paris to count their booty in the country and are taken captive by Appalachian-like neo-Nazis. 

5. I Spit On Your Grave (1978) - Rape. Rape. Rape. Rape. Rape. Rape. Rape. Rape. Five minutes of revenge.

Have any Buckets-O-Blood movies you'd like to add? Let me know!

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