Thursday, February 7, 2013


Okay, you guys ready? Let's kick off the 2nd day of BBF with an interview with horror writer, Brandon R. Luffman. 

Here's the preview: Ash from The Evil Dead, farm murders, damsels in distress, squashed bread, and late apologies. Enjoy.

"Hi, Brandon!"


"Down to it."

1. What’s your favorite scary movie?

The Amityville Horror scared the crap outta me when I was a kid. But, my favorite is probably Nightbreed.

2. Do you own a chainsaw? Do you know how to use it?

 I don’t own one, but I have access to several and do know how to use them. Need someone to cut some “firewood” for you?

3. If you had to kill someone, how would you do it, and where would you bury the body?

 That would be telling! Let’s just say, living on a farm presents interesting opportunities.

4. If you could meet one fictional horror character (from a book or movie), who would it be and why? What would you ask them?

 Definitely Ash, from The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness. He’s just too cool for school. No idea what I would ask him though. Maybe ask how he got so damn cool?

5. You’re driving through a forest at night. A woman leaps out through the trees and frantically waves her arms for you to stop the car. She’s covered in blood. Do you stop?

 Yeah, I’d stop. I’m a sucker for a damsel in distress. What an idiot, right?

6. What are you most scared of? And you lose a limb if you say clowns, spiders, or heights.

 But, I AM scared of heights! That, and hornets and wasps, and big dogs.

7. I had a British woman say to me once that she thinks it best to stay away from horror writers because there must be something wrong with them. Weigh in.

 I think what separates horror writers from the rest of the world is our willingness to be honest about fear. We embrace that part of humanity and even play with it like a sick toy. We’re not ashamed of fear, we work with it the way a lion tamer works with a lion.

8. Favorite death in a horror movie?

Not sure if this counts, but the horse in The Cell has my vote. How cool was that?!

9. Have you ever hitchhiked? If yes, who picked you up?

Never hitchhiked, but some friends and I were given a lift once by a friendly stranger on his way to work. Never got his name, but have felt bad ever since about accidentally squashing a loaf of bread he had in the back seat. Weird what we hang up on sometimes. Maybe I should have told him and apologized, but I was a dumb kid at the time.

10. What’s your latest release? Describe it in one word, and give us that Amazon link already! 

My latest release is a short story entitled “The Card”. In one word: PULP!
Buy it on Amazon:

In addition to that, I soon hope to release “Frostwalker” – FINALLY! Info on that is available here:

Thank you, Brandon, for stopping by! 

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