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Okay, you guys ready? Let's kick off Day 3 of the 2013 Blogger Book Fair with the author of Gifted, a Donovan Circus and Witch Hearts, Liz Long!

Down to it. 

1. Who is your favorite horror or science fiction movie heroine?

I don’t watch a lot of horror, but since I just recently watched Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters I have to say I love Gemma Arteron. The film was bloody and creepy, but she was pretty awesome as a kickass witch hunter who could hold her own in any fight or conversation. 

2. Let’s talk gore. How much do you use, buckets full or thimbles full, and why?

In my newest book Witch Hearts I’d say it’s several buckets. (Maybe just 3 or 4 buckets in my fantasy circus book Gifted.) A serial killer is hunting witches and the body count ticks up as the book moves forward.

3. If you were thrown into a horror movie and you had to fully experience the entire movie as one of the good guys (and possibly a victim), which movie would you choose, and why? 

I like to think I’m feisty, so I’d probably choose a movie like Scream where there’s a slim chance I could get away (as opposed to vampires or murderers under your bed). 

4. What’s your most hated formulaic movie of horror move victims?

Oh god, I hate the girl who runs up the stairs. I know it’s been said a million times, but the girl who runs up the stairs will always get pitched from a balcony or stabbed in her closet. At least try to bash out a window on the first floor!

5. If you could (had to) make out with any horror movie monster (serial killers included), which would it be and why?

Ummm, I don’t know that many monsters or serial killers, but I’d still make out with Billy (Skeet Ulrich) from the first Scream movie J

6. Do you think horror in literature has the same impact as horror in film?

No and I’m a key example of why: I can read horror all day long, but I prefer not to watch it because of the gory stuff. Reading about blood doesn’t really faze me, but seeing it makes my hands slap over my eyes. 

7. Tell us about the most violent movie you’ve ever seen. How old were you, and did you enjoy it?

Um, any Quentin Tarantino film? Pulp Fiction was honestly a little life changing as far as learning to avert my eyes from the screen due to all the blood. I was 18 and when they shoved that giant needle in Uma Thurman’s chest, I curled into a ball and tried not to weep in fear.

8. If you found yourself in a horror movie and got to choose your weapon not knowing who or what you were up against, what weapon would you choose?

Maybe a sledgehammer if I could pick it up and swing it. I’d rather crush a kneecap than stab someone, but if it was too much weight for me, I’d probably go with the biggest kitchen knife I can find. (If this is fantasy horror, I totally choose a wand or the speed to RUN AWAY!!)

9. As a horror writer, do you find that you’re wary of strangers?

Oh my god, yes. I’ve always been very aware of my surroundings, especially alone/at night, but after writing Witch Hearts and coming up with a creepy villain, I’m suspicious of anyone I don’t know. 

Okay, in one word describe your latest release, and toss us that Amazon link already!


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