Monday, July 22, 2013


Okay, you guys ready? Let's kick off Day 2 of the 2013 BBF with the author of What Kills Me, Wynne Channing!

Here's the preview: All work no play, Gizmo hugs, possible Pinhead tongue action, and tomato soup blood. 

Down to it.  

1. Who is your favorite horror or science fiction movie heroine?

Carrie White. Flawed. Emotionally scarred. Deadly. 

2. What is your favorite line in a horror or science fiction movie?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

3. Let’s talk gore. How much do you use, buckets full or thimbles full, and why?

Bring on the buckets! And in the second novel of my series, I Am Forever, there's even more blood and guts because the heroine is just so powerful that she can't help herself.

4. If you were thrown into a horror movie and you had to fully experience the entire movie as one of the good guys (and possibly a victim), which movie would you choose, and why?

Gremlins. I want to hug my own Gizmo. (I promise not to feed it or get it wet!!!)

5. What’s your most hated formulaic move of horror movie victims?

The "whore."

6. If you could (had to) make out with any horror movie monster (serial killers included), which would it be and why?

Colin Farrell. Fright Night remake. Uh, 'cause it's Colin Farrell. (And what are my other options? Hellraiser? The girl from The Ring?)

7. Do you think horror in literature has the same impact as horror in film?

Definitely. Horror literature creeps into your mind and it stays there, fed by your own imagination and paranoia. I grew up reading horror novels. It messed me up for life.

8. Tell us about the most violent movie you’ve ever seen. How old were you, and did you enjoy it?

One of the most gory movies that I saw in my youth was Dead Alive. The main character runs around killing zombies with a lawnmower. Grossest thing ever. The blood was like tomato soup!

9. If you found yourself in a horror movie and got to choose your weapon not knowing who or what you were up against, what weapon would you choose?

Flame thrower. I've always wanted to wield a flame thrower.

10. As a horror writer, do you find that you’re wary of strangers?

As a former crime reporter, I'm wary of strangers. Whenever I get off the elevator, I walk in the opposite direction in case anyone is following me. And I always check behind me before I open my front door.

Okay, in one word describe your latest release, and toss us that Amazon link already! 

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