Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hey, all! For the next 12 days, starting tomorrow, I will be introducing you to 12 talented author friends of mine and their books. The books are of different genres - fantasy, comedy, paranormal romance, young adult, and one of my favorites, horror. Stop by, check 'em out. A lot of these books are top-rated and selling for $2.99 or less on Amazon! 

Get some great last-minute gift ideas and beat Santa at his game. No offense, Santa. I'm not offended that you keep putting coal in my stocking because my books are full of gore. Don't worry, next year I'll write the story about the snowman and the bunny rabbit and little Timmy Reynolds whose only wish is to be the best darn snowman-builder in all of Cranberry Creek. Next year. 

Meanwhile, enjoy! 

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