Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer's Moon Movie Review


After I watched Summer's Moon, I thought, Well, not the worst movie ever. If you're an avid horror movie watcher, I think you get used to saying that. In the last few years of Blockbuster, there was a wave of new horror releases on the shelves with really cool, creepy cover art but very uncool movies hidden inside. Kind of like, have iPhone, will make movie. So, not-the-worst-movie-ever movies don't look like they were filmed late-night in a dorm room (automatic 1 star) and they don't star a bunch of actors who studied at the School of Just-Try-Really-Hard Acting (automatic 1 star).

Summer's Moon (2009), starring Ashley Greene (Twilight saga), Peter Mooney, and  Stephen McHattie (Watchmen), is about a young girl who runs away from home to find the father she's never met, when she happens across a handsome stranger. Before you can say "I'm not that kind of girl" she's having a one-night stand with said handsome stranger. Morning comes and whoops! Said handsome stranger has an unusual garden in the basement and he's not growing tomatoes.

I passed by this movie about a billion times in the video store, noting the Kristen Stewart lookalike on the cover and the Moon title in a familiar font. I imagine there were some eeking Twilight fans who were VERY disappointed. No sparkling vampires in this one, no heaving pecs, and no...well, okay, one sulking young adult. 

The acting in Summer's Moon wasn't horrible (but bordering). An entertaining performance was delivered by veteran actor Stephen McHattie. 

Getting to my rating - as I mentioned in the beginning of the review, this movie gets an automatic two stars for not being the worst movie ever. From there, I did watch it to the end, because it's only 91 minutes. Thank you, dear movie. I give you an additional half- star for not stealing any more of my precious, I-like-to-watch-good-movies time. A star for McHattie's role (which should have been more substantial). Minus a half-star for the Twilight angling. Eek!

Keeping track? Well done. Summer's Moon gets 3 stars out of ten.   

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