Wednesday, May 9, 2012


So, I had a funny thing happen to me the other day. Not really funny ha-ha but more like funny what the freaking hell is going on I am going to kill someone right now yes right now. I decided to go and check the conversions of my book, since it had been out for almost a month and I found a sliver of spare time. The free 19-Chapter Preview of Revamp is up on Smashwords and I have a lot of traffic on the site, so I decided to start there. 

The first conversion I checked was the rtf (rich text format), and I found a 22-word discrepancy. It appeared that during the Smashwords conversion to the rtf, 22 words were taken out of my final edit. And there was no rhyme or reason to it, just technology going awry and random words being perilously plucked from pages perused by me a hundred times over. 

I took that version down and frantically checked the epub and the mobi and the pdf and found no more issues. It got me to thinking: how many writers know to check the conversions? And for those who aren't aware, are perhaps too trusting of technology, do their readers chalk it up to sloppy editing? Fun food for thought.  

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