Wednesday, April 4, 2012



While doing some research for selling my book, I have realized that the Amazon Kindle Bookstore is a vast swampland with only a few select books allowed to bubble up to the top for some air. James Patterson and friends' books are certainly dry. Along with Suzanne Collins' books. Scorchingly dry. 

A horror search brings up over 22,000 titles, a vampire search accounts for 8,700 titles. I fear that purchases from random look-sees are going to be few and far between, with the best time being now, as my book is newly released. But as more new books get piled on top of mine, and as Patterson cracks the whip on his clone writers, I'm worried that my book will be sucked under into the mucky depths of the swamp, to be consumed by file-eating alligators.

Anyone else out there have thoughts on, fears of, insights into Kindle publishing?

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