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My plan isn't to review only obscure D horror movies, but it's just happened that way so far. I have seen a ton of horror movies in my lifetime, not all of them but the majority, so mostly I come across the random missed ones on cable and I record them to watch in my spare time. 

Mask Maker (2010) is about a group of college friends who go to renovate an isolated house and are subsequently attacked by an axe-wielding maniac. Sound familiar? There's a sliver of unique back story relayed through "olden time" flashbacks that interrupt the flow of the movie like a big, well, axe. 

Two washed-up actors have small bit roles in this film: Treat Williams and Jason London. I think you just need to see this movie to check out Jason London's role at the very end. It's quite surreal and would be hilariously funny if it wasn't really, really sad. I just want to give him a hug. Also making an appearance is Michael Berryman from The Hills Have Eyes. 

The death scenes are mediocre. You won't really be sitting on the edge of your seat, more like sliding off as a result of boring-killer-induced coma. Don't worry, it's treatable (see HORROR MOVIE HIDDEN GEMS).

What saved this movie, surprisingly, is that the acting is quite natural and the dialogue is witty. Also, the friends have such a good rapport with one another that I didn't want any of them to die. I wanted to see what would happen when they all graduated college together, got married, and got jobs. Instead, their faces are being carved off, and that made me mad. When was the last time you saw a horror movie that did that? Generally, you're begging for the characters to be picked off painfully. 

So, in the end, if Maid in Manhattan and Twilight Full Moon are the only things going on cable, give this one a try.                    

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